Programs and Services

I. Seminar/Training for Barangay Newly Elected Officials (BNEO)

This particular program is conceived to enhance the proficiencies of Barangay Newly Elected Officials, their mandated duties and responsibilities in Barangay Governance. It is also intended to equip them the necessary skills and knowledge in administering the Barangay Government Affairs, enacting Development Oriented Policies, Planning and Delivery of basic services and infrastructures and building partnerships with stakeholders.

Also this training/seminar is designed to highlight the significant role of the Barangay in the political administration of the country. Related to that is the significant role of Barangay officials in steering the development direction the Barangay will take.

This program is delivered in partnership with other Local Government Units in the Municipal and Provincial Levels with the Department of the Interior and Local Government as the Training Manager.

II. Liga Website

The website is a very significant medium of the Liga as the Linkage among for it provides easy access to informations not only to Liga  Members but to other website visitors as well. Just click us!

III. Gawad Galing Barangay

The Liga ng mga Barangay Bulacan Chapter fully supports the Bulacan awards programs for Barangay innovation and under excellence. Under this program is the project Gawad Galing Barangay that gives Recognition to selected Barangays and Barangay Officials for the excellent performance in their mandated duties and responsibilities on Barangay Governance, thus monetary prizes (incentives) are also given to winners in three (3) different categories.

Parangal sa Natatanging Gawaing Pambarangay

Ito ay pagpili ng Limang (5) pinakamagaling, pinakamalikhain at pinakamabisang gawaing pambarangay.

Parangal sa mga Natatanging Lingkod Barangay

Ito ang pagpili ng isang natatanging Punong Barangay, Isang natatanging Kagawad ng Barangay, Isang Natatanging Kalihim ng Barangay at Isang Natatanging Ingat-yaman.

Parangal sa mga Natatanging Volunteer Workers at Volunteer Group

Ito ang Pagpili ng Limang (5) Natatanging Volunteer Workers

Pipili rin ng isang (1) grupo mula sa iba’t-ibang volunteer groups.

IV. Sportsfest for Punong Barangay

It serves as an instrument to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie among Barangay officials throughout the province.

V. Provincial Convention

It will serve as a venue to unify its 572 strong affiliate Barangays towards the implementation of common vision and goals.

VI. Barangay Assistance Program

Assist Barangay in their receive fundamentals needs and escalate these issues to concern government agencies to expedite resolutions of such concerns.

VII. Legislative Agenda

Initiate/sponsor resolutions/ordinances beneficial to Barangays particularly the province in general.